MSCA President's Message

Terri Tchorzynski
MSCA President

I have had opportunities the last few months to talk to school counselors across the nation about the Power of HOPE by using the research from Dr. Chan Hellman at University of Oklahoma.  In Dr. Hellman’s book, Hope Rising, hope is defined by “the belief that your future will be better than today and you have the power to make it so.”


In reference to this definition, I think about our students and the power that hope can provide them during these turbulent times.  In just the past year our students have been faced with a global pandemic, distance learning, racial injustices, public protests, and just recently an attack on our nation’s Capitol.  Not to mention how these widespread tragedies have also disrupted the safety, security, and financial stability in some of their homes. 


Upon the wake of the traumatic events we have all endured in different ways, I encourage each of you to approach this new year with the Power of HOPE and a belief that better times are on the horizon.  Please do not view these new beginnings from a political lense, but rather a lense of opportunity to restore peace with one another, discover safety and security with loved ones, and instill the passion and perseverance needed to mend the broken supports the last year has exacerbated.  


I challenge you to be bold during these difficult times and become the systemic change agent that ALL of our students need to ensure they are getting the appropriate support to be successful, as well as discover their own HOPE.  The work we do as school counselors is certainly not easy, but in tumultuous times it is needed more than ever.  


Initiating crucial conversations around race and equity in your building, advocating for appropriate social-emotional supports, welcoming conversations around political unrest, exposing broken educational systems that create equity gaps, and endlessly promoting a culture of peace and restoration of humanity is all part of the role of a school counselor.  


Again, nobody said it would be easy, but our parents, families, and communities need our leadership now more than ever before.  I truly could not think of a better position to be in than right now, as school counselors, where we have the opportunity to spread our own HOPE on to others for a brighter future of love, acceptance, grace, and respect for all. 


Be well and stay safe!